Everyone notice that there are some look changes in Google Search Results display pages. Google is spinning out a new look and design of search to desktop users that involves changes to both side in organic search results and ads to desktop users.

The new look and design removes the underlines from the search display, increases the font size and, most important changes is the way ads are labeled in search results

Also some changes appear to be part of a broader redesign of search results Google has been experimenting with since last fall, when it first began turning out similar changes to search results to mobile users.

The biggest change is the way Google's Ad Words targeted ads are identified. With this new look, Google has removed the pink shading that appeared behind ads in search results now. Instead ads are preceded by a small yellow box labeled written ad.

Old look :
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 New look :
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This is not the first time we have seen changes like this to ads in search results in Google. Google first rolled out this same new look for ads to mobile users in September when the company published it was changing the old look and feel of ads and search results on mobile.

It’s cleaner and simpler, optimized for touch, with results clustered on cards so you can focus on the answers you’re looking for, Google's senior vice president of search, Amit Singhal, said in a blog post explaining those changes.

Some desktop users began seeing these new ads as early as November, though it seems Google didn't start bringing the changes to the majority of its users until recently.

Now that Google is now turning out the neat and clean look to all of its desktop users, it suggests the company is trying to create a more consistent experience for its users across platforms.
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